Roshni Sivakumar - Bangalore

“I was initially circumspect, but I am so glad we tried out fyraway’s online programs for my daughter. She has gone through more than half of the courses, some of them before she’s even reached the prescribed age. Coding is a great habit and my daughter is absolutely hooked. I cannot thank you enough for generating so much interest in such a valuable skill!”

Manoj Tambe - Mumbai

“Just wanted to drop a quick thank you note for your work with Rehan. He is super kicked about what he is learning and I see him practising game development every day. His curiosity for the tech world and how his favourite games work has grown by leaps and bounds and that’s all thanks to your awesome courses.”

Kuldeep Arora - Mumbai

“Both my sons are on the Fyraway platform and enjoy their time learning about coding and programming. It’s fun to watch them challenge each other for coding challenges. The kind of things my 12 and 14 year olds can accomplish on a computer is simply amazing! I am super happy to have introduced such a valuable skill to my children so early.”

Parth Varma - Bangalore

“We liked what Fyraway was offering, but were initially a bit sceptical about burdening our son further. In hindsight though, getting the trial was the best decision ever. The courses are amazing as supplementary material to the regular curriculum, and a total value add.”

Sneha Sharma - Mumbai

“My son has already completed the Android and game development courses in less than 2 months! He spends hours trying his hand at making games and tinkering with code with his new found knowledge! So glad that I could wean him away from just playing games to creating them himself. Great experience on the missions and games on the website and the online mentors are very available and helpful.”

Goutam Bhattacharjee - Gurgaon

“My son has completed the earlier courses and is now on the advanced courses. Now when he plays a game on the phone, he is thinking about how that game was developed and the game logic. He wants to recreate every game for himself, but with his own ideas. I love how his thinking has evolved and that’s all thanks to Fyraway. They get you started on a great journey.”

S. Suresh - Mumbai

“If your kid is interested in computers, games and tech or if you want to spark an interest in your child in these fields, then I highly recommend these courses. I had been looking for an online course that would teach my son real coding and computer programming, as the stuff they pass on for a computer class in schools is just too outdated. Their courses teach real skills that have real value in the world.”

Mira Banerjee - Gurgaon

“I find coding to be a very good and engaging activity for kids. And more importantly I feel good about the fact that we are teaching them something that may add real value to their professional lives in the future. On note of caution - although it’s self-learning and self-paced, in my experience it’s better if a parent keeps a tab and discuss progress with the child regularly for best results.”

Ritwik Ghosh - Bangalore

“A friend recommended Fyraway to me and I must say I was not disappointed. Their courses and the way they gamify the learning experience was great fun and highly enjoyable for my son. Now instead of playing games, he is interested in technology and how things get made. Cannot be happier that his screen time has become productive as well. These guys are in the sweet spot where you learn actual skills while having fun.”

Sridhar M. - Hyderabad

“My children are completely hooked to the app development and game development courses. They are in front of the computer and going through a level almost every day. I have to say that the curriculum is super interesting for kids and very well made. It’s been a great experience so far and I would highly recommend Fyraway!”

Abhay Chaturvedi - New Delhi

“I had heard great things about them before signing up and I can confidently vouch for them myself now. You will not be disappointed and your kids will love you for it! Great initiative to teach kids such valuable skills. The courses are great and the instructors are patient and very good with kids.”

Shobha Bansal - Bangalore

“Just what I was looking for, for my kids! You guys are great, I know my kids learnt a lot. Keep up the good work!”