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Each of our online courses are interactive, with immersive videos, illustrations and text, which are created by domain experts across the globe along with child education specialists. All our courses are gamified, which require the students to progress through sequential levels and missions like a video game.

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Each child learns differently and at a different pace, and our learning platform encourages that. Based on a child’s aptitude and progress, our proprietary algorithms offer tailored lessons and assignments, keeping track of and developing the child’s learning curve.

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Fyraway mentors are available to guide and help students all around the clock. Our mentors come from across the globe, so someone will always be available to answer queries and handhold students if they get stuck.


Ideal minimum ages are mentioned in each course description. However each child is different, and it is possible that your child may be ready before the recommended age. If you notice an interest, using our free trial is a good option. For a detailed explanation based on age, see our FAQs.


Approximate number of hours required for each course is specified in each course description. Our courses are self-paced, so a child can go as fast as he or she wants. We recommend keeping a regular weekly schedule to complete a course in an efficient manner, which also maximises retention.


On successful completion of each program, the student will be awarded an e-certificate of accomplishment. These are great value additions for college and university applications, and help a child stand out amongst his or her peers.

Introduction to Coding for Kids with Games, Animation and Storytelling

Ideal age: 7 to 14

time to complete: ~25 hours

Why: Introduce your child to the literacy of the future, the art of computer programming. Learn fundamentals of programming in a block based interface, with simple drag and drop functions as the child learns storytelling and game development. Ideal for a fun and interesting introduction to programming. Programming also aids young children to quickly develop multiple other skills sets such as maths, physics, logic, organization and planning.

By the end: The student will be able to design and develop their own interactive stories and games based on basic programming concepts. The student will be ready to take steps towards more interesting and complex programs and games, armed with the basic knowledge of how programs work.

App and Game Development for Kids – Android

Ideal age: 7 – 15

Time to complete: ~30 hours

Why: With the world going mobile, our hand held devices have become the pre-eminent medium of digital interaction. Most future ideas and ventures will first be ideated on an app or a game because of easy accessibility and massive user engagement. A simple drag and drop environment tailored to introduce children to app and game development is the ideal platform to introduce a basic creativity skill for children.

By the end: The student will be able to design, develop and launch apps and games of a basic as well as advanced nature. Android’s overwhelming popularity, means that the child is ready to showcase his or her creations and ideas on a widely accessible platform. Ideal to build on from the beginner steps of storytelling and game development, as the child gets more used to slightly advanced programming concepts.

Website Development for Kids – HTML, CSS and Bootstrap

Ideal age: 8+

Time to complete: ~35 hours

Why: Internet is the present and the future, and websites are its building blocks. Everything about the future will be digitally connected and HTML is a simple yet highly useful and popular language to create and develop websites. An invaluable and must have skill for any 21 st century child and teenager to be able to express their creativity on widest canvas of all, the internet.

By the end: The student will be able to design, develop and launch a fully functional and gorgeous website by themselves. Along with HTML, the student will learn and use Bootstrap, a widely used framework for designing great looking websites.

Game Development for Kids

Ideal age: 9+

Time to complete: ~40 hours

Why: Games have massive user engagement, which means there is big money and success riding on gaming. With this course, kids graduate to more serious game development, without having to learn coding, as they learn advanced drag and drop game development. Children begin to understand how their favourite games were made and how they work. And most importantly, they get to build their own advanced games, putting their own creativity to work.

By the end: The student will be able to create and develop classic as well as more complex platformer runner games, based on their own ideas. The student will learn how to think of and develop an idea, do storyboarding for a game, create and import the graphic interface, develop the gameplay, do bug testing and in the end, launch a game for monetising it.

Coding for Kids with Python

Ideal age: 10+

Time to complete: ~40 hours

Why: Python is one of the simplest and most popular programming languages, ideal for a child’s introduction to the world of serious programming. With a simple syntax yet highly used, the foundational knowledge of Python is vital for understanding programs and also provides a head start for learning other computer programming languages. A must have skill for all digital citizens of the future.

By the end: The student will be knowledgeable and well versed with foundational, as well as advanced concepts and uses of Python. At the end of the course, the student is ready to step up and learn the multiple professional and real world applications of Python, taking their first steps into advanced programming.

Entrepreneurship for Kids with Business Basics

Ideal age: 12+

Time to complete: ~40 hours

Why: Entrepreneurship and innovation are the lifeblood of progress and present a great opportunity for enterprising young minds to create ventures with economic as well as social impact. Establishing a successful business is more than having and executing a great idea, but requires a sound understanding of business basics and related concepts, such as marketing, finance and most importantly human nature.

By the end: The student will be well versed with business basics and learn about the various stages of starting up and running their own business ventures. Through case studies and real life examples for various concepts, the student will develop his or her own business skills. Sort of a mini MBA for children and young adults.

New programs and levels added on a monthly basis. Stay tuned for more.