Will my children be able to understand these kind of courses?

Absolutely. Each of our courses have been crafted keeping in mind a child’s interests and mental development. We receive inputs from child education experts while designing and creating the courses. And most importantly, our courses go through multiple pilot programs with children of various ages and we use their feedback to perfect the content. You’d be surprised by how receptive children are to new skills and activities, as long as you spark an interest in the child.

My child already has computer classes in school. What’s the difference between these courses and school classes?

Unfortunately the computer classes in most schools are exceedingly outdated which have not kept pace with the transformation in real everyday technology. A simple exercise to demonstrate this would be to pick up or go through your child’s computer class curriculum, and look at our courses at the same time. Our courses teach real world applicable skills, which allows a child to design and create technology, apps and games of their own.

What ages are the courses for?

Our programs are designed for children at all skill levels, ages 7-18. We have students from zero coding awareness to some who have limited coding knowledge when they begin with us.

How does the free trial work?

We understand that you may have some apprehensions before you subscribe or purchase, so we are happy to offer a 10 day free trial. You choose a plan (monthly or annual) at the time of subscribing and we do not charge your credit card for the first 10 days. During this free trial, you can freely use the website and our services. After the 10th day, your subscription starts and your card is charged. If you are not happy with the platform and the courses, you can cancel anytime within the trial period without any cost.

Why should kids learn how to code? How does it help them?

We get this a lot! We have explained this in a lot more detail on our resources page, so head over there if you want a more comprehensive reading. But briefly, coding is going to be the language and the literacy of the future. Given the proliferation of technology in all realms of life, not knowing coding is similar to knowing how to read but not knowing how to write in today’s world. It will be the single most important skill that will allow children to ideate, create and achieve success in their lives. Plus the way our courses are designed, children get a head start in a lot of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) concepts, as well as problem solving and analytical thinking, which are critical for children’s development and success. And lastly, learning how to code is not just for future programmers or those who wish to understand the technology around them better. Skills learnt while coding get children better equipped for any career that they choose.

I have already purchased the monthly subscription, but would now like to convert it into an annual subscription. Do I have to pay extra to do that?

We got a lot of these requests and have now devised a way which allows you to convert a monthly subscription to an annual subscription at no extra cost. We will count the amount paid by you for a monthly subscription, towards an annual subscription and you will only need to pay the incremental amount for the yearly subscription. Please write to us at hello@fyraway.com and we will sort this out for you.

Do the courses have homework?

Well, technically speaking, our courses do not have homework for children. Most of our courses (apart from the beginner levels), have interactive assessments built in. These include quizzes, fun projects, written assignments and other interactive evaluative measures. All of these activities and projects are fun and exciting in nature and encourage a practical application of the acquired skills and knowledge. So in a traditional sense, there is no extra home work for a child.

What if my child gets stuck during the online course?

We have friendly mentors who are available at any time. A child just needs to reach out, and our mentors will be more than happy to hand hold the child through the tricky parts of the courses.

Can you provide some references for parents or past students that we can get in touch with?

Absolutely, we can. We understand that you may have some doubts and would like to speak to some of our present or past customers. Please write to us at hello@fyraway.com and we will provide you a few parent references.

Why was I charged a small amount when I subscribed?

When you subscribe, we only charge you after the free trial period. The minimal charge at the time of subscription is a token charge by the payment gateway to verify the authenticity of the card. This token amount is usually refunded back to you instantaneously or at the maximum within a few days.

My son is about to enter college and is older than the ages specified here. Can he still take these courses?

Yes, he can. In fact, we have had quite a few students who took our courses right before they went for their engineering degree. Our courses teach essential tech skills in a fun and interesting manner, so it does not feel like other classes or tutorials which are academic, while giving the child an enormous advantage over his peers even before he goes to college. Because our platform is adaptive, children with different aptitudes learn at different paces, but all of them get to master the skills and the concepts.

What is the format of the courses?

The courses are gamified, with the student having to cross various levels to complete a course. The courses are interactive in nature, with a student having to complete various missions and projects to earn points. The courses contain a lot of video and visual material, which help in memory retention and recall. Our courses start from basic concepts with simple easy to use interfaces and move up to more complex programming languages, which are easy and good for kids to get started on.

How long does it take to complete a course?

Each course mentions the estimated time that an average student would take to complete the course from start to finish. These are indicative timelines, and a lot of our students are able to finish these courses faster, especially as they move up the knowledge path and get more used to programming.

Do the courses have to be completed within a specific time or deadline?

All the courses are self-paced, so a child can go as slow or as fast as they wish. Whatever the pace, we encourage children and their parents to avoid erratic schedules and try and keep a regular schedule, as that has been shown to increase memory retention amongst children. There are no deadlines per se, within which any course has to be finished.

As a parent, how can I help my kid with the courses?

The courses are designed in a manner that allows a child to complete them without any parental or external supervision. However, we recommend that at regular intervals (maybe once or twice a week) you discuss progress with your child and encourage them to explore further by themselves. We do recommend, and a lot of parents sit with their children and create a project (any game or app) for 1 hour every Sunday using the child’s skills and imagination. Validation and encouragement from parents will go a long way in boosting your child’s confidence.

My child is just starting, so do you have a recommendation for the order in which such courses should be taken by a beginner?

We do get asked this a lot and we do have certain recommendations based on experience. The way our courses are designed, they follow a certain learning path, which begins from learning the basics of programming in a fun, engaging manner and gradually moving up the chain to master more complicated real world programming languages such as Python and their applications. The age recommendations next to each course adhere to what we have generally seen as the most popular age group which find the relevant courses useful.

My child is below the prescribed age, but I am interested in getting my kid started? Do you have any courses for children below 7?

Every child is different and every child learns different things at different times. However having said that, based on our experience, 7 years is usually when a child starts developing logic, which is an essential element of being able to understand programming - why the computer is doing something based on your instructions. Around this age, the thinking of children evolves to understand a lot of basic programming concepts, so this is a good age to start them on this learning track. However, we have had certain students who were even younger and they did just fine. For a younger child, we would suggest that you speak to your child and understand his interests. If they express an interest, then you are welcome to expose them to fun games and animations using our free trial. At the end of the trial period you can decide if you would like to continue or delay the subscription by a few months.

Is a laptop needed for these courses?

Yes, a laptop or a desktop computer with an internet connection will be needed. Either Windows or Macs, which have modern internet browsers would work fine.

I have already bought a subscription/ course for my first child. Is there a discount available if I am purchasing again for my second child?

Yes, we do have second child discounts. Please write to us at hello@fyraway.com, and we will send you a discount code.

What is the certification process at the end of a course?

On successful completion of each course, the student is awarded an e-certificate of accomplishment.

Do you offer after class or private lessons to students?

Yes, in select cities we do have the ability to provide after class or private lessons. Please get in touch with us stating your requirements and we will be happy to help you out.

Still got something on your mind?

Just drop us a line at hello@fyraway.com with your question and we will get right back to you.