About Us

Fyraway was started as an education initiative to bring emerging trends and global best practices in school education to Indian students. Too often, and as is the case right now, established educational curricula in schools remain outdated and archaic, while the world changes and progresses at a rapid pace. Institutions find it difficult to react swiftly due to legacy and bureaucratic issues. It is up to the parents and children to ensure that they are in sync with the times and gaining an education that is forward looking and future ready.

It is Fyraway’s mission to ensure that Indian students have access to the best and most advanced educational tools and trends, especially in emerging and future technologies such as computer programming and artificial intelligence. Fyraway aims to create a breed of young creators and thinkers, who are trained to question, be curious and lead the next generation of innovators.

The Team

The founding team of Fyraway comes from diverse backgrounds and industries with 50+ years of professional and business experience. Disillusioned with the culture of rote learning and marks centric approach with almost no real skill or personality development, the founding team set out to create fun and engaging educational platforms that would help millions of Indian school going children gain knowledge and tech skills that have value and application not only in a future work place, but greatly aids mental development of children as well.

The team endeavours to bring the best of subject matter experts paired with educators at the disposal of students on their platforms. The team at Fyraway believes that a child’s learning should never be limited and it should definitely not be confined to the four walls of a school.

Welcome to the future.